Key Steps to Successful Video Productions

Key Steps to Successful Video Productions

Ahh video. It seems everyone is jumping on the video marketing bandwagon. But, once you’ve decided to create your first explainer video, how do you actually produce it?

We’ve peeled back the jargon to uncover these key steps every video goes through in production.

1. Script

First up is the script. This is more than just putting words to paper and create a connected narrative. It’s about establishing a problem in the status quo, introducing a solution (usually your product or service), the benefits that go along the solution, and wrapping up with a call-to-action. This is also where your video length is established, so keep in mind that 60 seconds of video equates to a script length of about 150 words.

2. Storyboard

Storyboards allow you a convenient way to see the layout of the progression of shots throughout the video. This includes matching the script to different visual ideas that relate to those particular sections of the narration. To keep pacing right, we recommend aiming for around 8 or 9 words per scene for frame in your storyboard.

3. Production

When all the pre-production work is complete it’s time to actually hop into making the video. For animation, this usually means working in After Effects to add motion to the style frame assets created earlier in the process. For a live action video, this means actually shooting the footage, using the storyboard as a guide.

4. Post Production

This is where the video comes together. All the editing, animation, voice over, music selection, sound design and so much more. It is key to have good editors, producers and animators to help make your vision a reality.

There may be additional steps in between the steps we laid out, because each production process is going to be a little bit different. Whether it’s providing direction, tone, or feedback be sure to be as detailed as possible throughout the production process.

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