Closed Captioning for Video

YouTubers all want one thing: more views on their videos. Whether they’re chasing advertising dollars or increased exposure for their brand, there is nothing a vlogger loves more than to see their YouTube views go up. If you’re a video producer on YouTube looking for a growth hack, don’t underestimate the power of adding closed […]

Video Marketing is on the Rise!

We believe that video is the future of digital marketing. Why? In short, because Mark Zuckerberg says so. During a 2016 investor’s call, he shared this about Facebook’s priorities, “We see a world that is video-first with video at the heart of all our apps and services.” This isn’t new information. In 2014 Facebook changed their algorithm […]

Explainer Videos: 5 Reasons Every StartUp Needs One

One of the most important aspects of any startup’s launch is their marketing plan.A smoothly executed communications plan can lead to almost instant success (see Dollar Shave Club’s meteoric launch). On the flip side, a poorly thought out or executed plan will result in slow sales growth and small market traction. Every chance a startup […]

Distribution: Get your Content to the People!

Even though content is online, sites have different audiences, attention spans and expectations. Posting to Vimeo as opposed to Youtube can say a lot about your project before anyone even clicks the link! Here’s why it’s important to know these unwritten rules of distribution Vimeo- Vimeo has an unparalleled a sense of community. You won’t […]

Why Video can be your #1 Marketing Tool – Video length: Attention Spans (or lack thereof)

The average attention span is eight seconds, so it’s important to know when enough is enough. Stretching out a production happens more frequently than most people would like to admit. Your script could easily be two pages, but it ends up as a six-minute video that, quite frankly, no one is going to watch. You’ve […]

Book Trailer & Website – All But Normal

Recently we partnered with Shawn Thornton on his new book All But Normal. Take a look at the website and check out the trailer. It was recently featured on the 700 club among other places.      

Video Facts

1.8 millions words A 1 minute video is worth 1.8 millions words of text. 100 Million Everday 100 Million people watch online video. #2 YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Are you showing up in the results? 59% The percentage of senior executives who’d rather watch a video than read […]

Is Your Video Marketing Actually Working?

I was recently at a networking event, talking to a marketing consultant about the rise of online video marketing. It was a light-hearted conversation until he asked a very important question, “How do we know that video actually works?” It made me pause, because there are so many reports out there to quote, and yet which […]