Distribution: Get your Content to the People!

Even though content is online, sites have different audiences, attention spans and expectations. Posting to Vimeo as opposed to Youtube can say a lot about your project before anyone even clicks the link! Here’s why it’s important to know these unwritten rules of distribution

Vimeo- Vimeo has an unparalleled a sense of community. You won’t find snarky comments here. There are also no ads that play before the videos. The Vimeo community expects high quality, and usually long form, video content. Accounts are leveled. Free accounts have a 500MB per week limit. Plus accounts can upload 5GB for a $59.95 annual fee. Pro accounts are $199 a year, with unlimited HD uploading. You can view the full pricing plans at vimeo.com/plus or vimeo.com/pro.

YouTube- YouTubers are used to looking at short videos. Most videos over four minutes will start to get lost in the shuffle. Accounts are free and it’s really easy to upload content. You can also upload unlimited 1080p video. There’s even an option to monetize a YouTube account by becoming a “YouTube Partner”. The YouTube team will place ads before your videos once your channel surpasses a certain number of views.

Facebook-A fan or community page on Facebook is the way to go, but don’t overpost! Posting every few hours on Facebook gets really annoying. You want to engage people, and that’s the key to having your posts show up in Facebook news feeds. Ask questions, ask for feedback and engage them as much as possible. Be warned, if you ask for feedback, it will be honest feedback.

Twitter- Post away! Users on twitter are used to constant updates. In fact, that’s where many people get their news, follow celebrities’, and inform the Internet of their everyday lives. Tweet every hour or even more frequently. The guys and gals of Twitter are used to it!